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GIGAGREEN and the Sustainable Development Goals: SDG7 – Affordable and clean energy


GIGAGREEN’s mission to revolutionize Li-ion battery manufacturing meets the aspirations of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) – Affordable and Clean Energy. We focus on crafting novel electrode and cell manufacturing processes that prioritize sustainability, aiming to minimize environmental impact and energy consumption while promoting reusability and safe disassembly of battery components. By following a Design for Manufacturing approach, GIGAGREEN aims to develop cost-efficient, high-throughput technologies that align with Europe’s strategic goal of leading in the Li-ion battery value chain while advancing the principles of SDG7.

Furthermore, GIGAGREEN’s commitment to integrating recycling within the production chain, aiming not only to recycle metals and plastics but also active materials and electrolytes, aligns perfectly with SDG7’s objective. By embracing recycling methodologies, GIGAGREEN contributes to the larger global agenda of promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns, promoting a circular economy in the energy sector, and supporting the transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources outlined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.