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Gigagreen and the sustainable development goals. SDG 13: Climate Action


GIGAGREEN’s commitment to developing a sustainable and eco-efficient approach within the Li-ion battery value chain strongly aligns with the objectives of Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action. By prioritizing minimum environmental impact, energy efficiency, and the promotion of circular economy principles, GIGAGREEN actively addresses the need to mitigate climate change impacts.

Through its focus on reducing energy consumption and environmental footprint in electrode and cell component manufacturing, GIGAGREEN directly contributes to SDG 13. By integrating innovative processes that prioritize minimum environmental impact and energy efficiency, the project aims to lessen the carbon footprint associated with battery production. Moreover, GIGAGREEN’s emphasis on designing cells that facilitate re-use and disassembly, along with its commitment to recycling not only metals and plastics but also active materials and electrolytes, demonstrates a holistic approach toward minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency within the battery production cycle. This aligns with SDG 13’s objective of combating climate change by substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering sustainable practices that contribute to a greener, more resilient future.